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01/26/14 722p PST UPDATE: we’ve met our fundraising goal, thank you!

We’d like to thank everyone who donated and also Hoof and Paw Veterinary Care, INC for allowing us to fundraise during treatment. We’ll keep you updated on Kolohe but for now, we are waiting for the results of Tuesday’s ultrasound.

Below is Brianne’s email to us. Funds raised are paid directly to the vet. Any funds raised in excess of our goal amount will go back into the fund for the next dog in need. The current goal amount of $1500.00 is subject to change as it is an estimate. If more funds are needed for Kohole, we will adjust the goal accordingly. As always, we will provide proof of payment made to the veterinarian.

[Note: current goal is $1800]

My pit bull Kolohe.
From Brianne
Date Mon 17:46
Hello there,
My name is Brianne [D] I’m emailing you regarding my 11 month old pit bull Kolohe. I was referred to your organization by the Facebook web page “Keep The Bull Breed Free.” I am writing to you for possible help on a fundraiser for her, for a surgery. Kolohe has been very sick for the past couple of weeks and this past weekend has gotten worse. She had hives for a few days and we were instructed by the vet to give her children’s strength Benadryl. The hives went away on the second day of treatment. But at the end of the second day she would barely finish her 3rd dose (mixed it with wet pedigree brand packet food). Earlier in the week she had been puking in her mouth a bit and then that night she began puking every half hour or so, a total of half a dozen times that night.

She has gotten steadily worse over the weekend so my husband and I took her into the vet last night during their on call hours. The vet, Dr.Nick, did an ultrasound, and a few x-rays and found something that really worried him in the lower intestinal tract. The ultrasound showed a dark mass around part of her intestine, a long, thickened line shaped mass. The x ray was not able to penetrate through the spot and he suspects that it is intussusception; a folding in of the intestines. Dr Nick also told my husband and I that if it were anything foreign it would be able to be seen better through x-rays. We were sent home last night,1-19-14, with some anti-vomiting medications but she has not eaten hardly anything in the past two days. Only today she’s had a half packet of food (she is currently at 51 pounds). She has not had a solid BM either for a week. When we brought her home last night she puked one time with flecks of blood in it.

At this point our vet thinks that the surgery is absolutely necessary but my husband and I cannot afford it. I just started at my job again and we have been having some financial issues with medical bills and some other things so we were forced to move into my mothers house in Wisconsin. I went to the vet’s office today and got a printout of the estimate. Including everything from pre-op to post op and “send home” meds and food it will cost us $1,584.52. That is if nothing else changes during the procedure. I have their phone number and address and can provide any other information that you or anyone else asks if you have any questions. I am very stressed at this point, because she is my baby.

I just got out of the Army a little over a year ago and Kolohe is like my guardian angel in pit bull form. She helps me calm down just by cuddling with me and getting me to play with her and her rope toys (even though she hasnt quite mastered “fetch” yet). I know she may be just one dog in the entire world, but she is our baby and I would be forever grateful if your organization would be able to help us raise even part of the funds to help get her better.
Contact the Organizer – See more at:

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