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If you find yourself in need of assistance with veterinary bills and meet the below requirements, please email us for an application to be considered for assistance. Please do not call us for Veterinary Grant assistance as we need to communicate via email for documentation purposes.

Note: Our email inbox is volunteer staffed and is not checked frequently (we usually check email 1x per day, at varying times of day). Please help us by responding quickly to any emails we send you, and please always reply from the same email address to keep confusion to a minimum. The longer we have to wait to receive information from you, or get information to you, the longer it will take to fund your care needs and those funds may be used for another pet in need. Please also consider the time difference if you are outside of CA. If you are having trouble filling out the application, please do ask for assistance from someone local to you. We are not able to troubleshoot issues that you may have with the application. You MUST communicate via email, you cannot fax documents to us.

The primary function of the grant is to cover costs of LIFE SAVING veterinary care for owners who are otherwise unable to pay.

Important notes:

Funding is not breed-specific, dogs of any and all breeds and mixes are welcome and encouraged to apply.

We may be able to help with spay and neuter costs as well, from either our Vet Grant or our Owner Assistance Grant.

We may be able to help with euthanasia costs, from either our Vet Grant or our Owner Assistance Grant.

Limitations of the Grant:

  • Assistance is provided based on approval of application, funds available, and/or availability of volunteers to fundraise (this task is limited to our facebook page admins and is not an available volunteer opportunity to an owner in need).
  • Many factors are considered when determining which cases we fund, and which we do not. Pit Bulls Against Misinformation Board Members have sole discretion on which cases are funded, and which ones are not.
  • Funding of your case is not guaranteed, and Pit Bulls Against Misinformation reserves the right to deny any application at any time, at our discretion.
  • Funds are capped at $2,500 per incident in most cases.
  • Cancer-related costs are capped at $250.00 per dog.
  • Quality-of-life veterinary care is capped at $150.00 per dog (examples: TPLO surgeries, benign tumors that limit mobility, hip surgeries)
  • Payments MUST be made directly to the veterinarian performing the services. The veterinarian MUST be willing to accept payment from us, over the phone, using a credit card. We cannot pay an owner’s credit card bill, repay personal loans taken out for a dog’s medical care, or repay owners for bills they have already paid.
  • Applications for dogs who have suffered repeated injury as a result of multiple fights with other dogs will be denied.
  • Your vet must be able to give a prognosis of at or better than 70% survival rate for your dog after services are performed.

 To Qualify for Consideration of Funds:

  • If owner is not receiving government assistance, they must apply for, and have been denied, Care Credit to qualify for the grant.
  • Preference is given to those receiving government assistance and/or owners with a FICO score at or below 525. You can get a free FICO score at Credit Karma

  • Owner must be willing and able to provide us with any financial documentation we ask for including but not limited to tax filings, W2s, credit reports, bank statements, and proof of expenses. Some applications will require more documentation, some less.
  • Owner must be willing and able to provide us with photos of their dog and updates on his or her condition.
  • Owner must be willing and able to allow us access to their pet’s veterinarian and release medical information to us through the veterinarian.

We are always looking for ways to improve our programs and make sure that we are helping those who need us the most. This entire page is subject to change at any time as we modify aspects of our programs to ensure we are serving our community appropriately.

If your application has been denied or you do not qualify, we recommend setting up your own fundraiser through

You may also have some luck with contacting other organizations that offer assistance with vet bills:

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