Farmers Insurance to Start Breed Discrimination

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The petition is here: Jeff Dailey, Farmers Insurance CEO: Say NO to Breed Discrimination

We’ve set up a facebook page specifically for this cause: Farmers Insurance: Say NO to Breed Discrimination

As many of you are aware, finding a homeowners/renters insurance policy that does not breed discriminate is difficult at best.  We are very disappointed to find that Farmers is in the process of changing their policy to now have breed restrictions.

We’ve noticed that in emails, Farmers claims that Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Wolf Hybrids, and their mixes will be excluded from any coverage while their facebook responses claim that they will only be excluded if they bite. We are not in the business of protecting folks who keep human aggressive animals but we actively fight any and all forms of breed specific discrimination and legislation. We propose that Farmers take a breed-neutral approach and simply exclude ANY dog with a proven prior bite history (meaning, bites that have been reported, proven, and documented by the insured’s local Animal Control agency) and to exclude any claims arising after a first bite claim, regardless of breed.

To clarify, “bite claim” means only that someone has alleged that your dog has bitten them and it has been reported to your insurance carrier, it does not mean that a bite truly took place.

Update: Our cause gets some press!

Farmers Insurance no longer covering dog bites for certain breeds

NOTE: We’ve recently learned that this change is currently affecting California only however, keep in mind that California often sets the precedent for what happens in other states and we have every reason to believe that if it happens here, it will then be rolled out to other states. Please see the screen captures below from Farmers facebook page.


Farmers Insurance




One of our officers, Ginny, received this via email:

Screen Shot of Farmers Email

And a supporter of our fan page received this response:








  1. Beirne Beaty
    February 9, 2013

    This is total hogwash and totally against all factual information Breed Specific profiling is ignorant. Farmers Ins do some research before making these decisions.

  2. Yvette Woolston
    February 9, 2013

    I will switch insurance companys.

  3. Loren Cross
    February 9, 2013

    State Farm does not discriminate. They are cheaper anyway!

  4. Deb Sanford
    February 9, 2013

    State Farm does not discriminate against any breed!

    • admin
      February 9, 2013

      Thanks Deb, they are on our list of insurance companies that do not discriminate under the “Resources for Pit Bull Owners” tab.

  5. Mary
    February 9, 2013

    This makes me wonder about the actuaries at these companies – they are supposed to be objectively and numerically calculating risk, not responding to hysteria. There are no numbers to justify breed discrimination.

  6. Joshua schultz
    February 10, 2013

    This is stupid! Why can’t people just understand that it’s not the dogs that are dangerous! It’s the stupid idiots that breed them for fighting and or make them that way! You can turn any dog or animal for that matter into a vicious beast! It truly is sad that good hearted people and there loving pets are descriminated against because of a bunch of stupid ignorant fuck tards! It’s the same thing with people! Not all people are bad sept for a few bad apples and all the other good people are judged! All because a few idiots! Good people of all shapes and sizes, of color or race, of belief or religion are put into the same catagory as criminals, terrorist, racest,ect ect ect, just because of what there outter appearance is! My point is is that it’s exactly the same way with dogs and its ignorance in its purest form and its just plan mind boggling to me! WAKE UP WORLD! STOP BEING SCARED!

  7. kathy heberer
    February 12, 2013

    reading thru these accounts and seeing the replies from farmers, i would have to say if ANYONE has farmers for their insurance, ANY insurance, CANCEL IT IMMEDIATELY and head to state farm! you don’t want to cover MY BABY . . . then you don’t get the option to cover ANYTHING from me!!!!!

  8. Amie M
    February 12, 2013

    This is so b.s. I went to Farmer’s because they offered me home insurance at a cheaper rate, plus didn’t discriminate against the breeds that always excluded. This makes me soo sad. People discriminate against people and dogs. SICK!!!

  9. jemma hedges
    February 13, 2013

    i got with my partner 4 yrs ago and he had a pitbul he was only 5 mnths old and i feel in love wit him and so did my 3 kids aged 7 mnths 5yrs and 6yrs the kids played wit him and he sleeped in my daughters room when sge use to sneak him in there they both be came aprt of the family as if they was always there anyway 1yr 6 mnths later the police had found out that we had a pitbull and took him off us cos ppl had gone round say that there was anasty pitbull in the house with 3 children so they took him we thou we was never goin to see him again then3 mnths after they had took him my partner got a call sayin we could have him back as he wasn’t nasty we was so happy we was also told we would only get him back if we paid to get him tattoo snipped and licence and he was to wear a muzzle when out in public we agreed of course anything to get him back in the family we was so happy we didn’t know how we was goin to get the muni has but we had to 2 mnths later my partner got another phone call tellin him the tiger(pitbull) had been put to sleep that some one had put the wrong dog to sleep we couldn’t belive what we had been told. well a week later my partner got another call sayin that tiger was fine he had not been put down he had been moved yet agian we could believe what we heard. well now it has been 7 mnths with out tiger and heard nothink well just then we get a call sayin tiger would be comin home 3mora we was so happy we didn’t know if to laugh or cry so we did both we got up really early that day and just waitin for the door to knock well it got to bout 5pm and we said he was comin then we just when out side and there was a van and a man ask for my partner and said to him i think i have somethin of your’s but you have to be care full as he had only just had the snip and tattoo done he had only just started comin round when we got him out we took him in doors and cryed wit happiness cos he had got him back and that the family was back together again we pay his insurance so we can keep him and it would be heart breakin to of gone throu all that for nothin just to lose him all over again we don’t let out dog fight we do the fightin for him so then we are the animals not him like my partner say’s he may be a pitbull but it’s me you have to worry bout not the dog ppl really need to fix up and stop blamin the dog’s it’s the ppl who own them

  10. Michael Norris
    February 13, 2013

    To be fair you should note that most insurance companies already discriminate against a greater number of dog breeds than what you list and have done so for for many years. In Ohio there is no breed discrimination and Farmers only excludes coverage from dog bite if the pup has a prior history of biting. One of our agents works closely with a pit rescue and has a couple dozen referrals insured today.
    It’s unfair to blast the company for being literally one of last insurance carriers to alter coverage availability on dog bite liability and in only one state that is seeing a high number of dog bite liability cases. It’s a half truth at best and in a viral world you are unneccessarily giving the company a bad name.

    • admin
      February 13, 2013

      Michael, the bad name is well deserved. Look at the screen shots provided. Farmers is a joke and they are lying and back peddling and being inconsistent in their answers to our valid concerns.

  11. Een
    February 13, 2013

    Why can’t people just understand that it’s not the dogs that are dangerous! It’s the stupid people that make them that way for fighting and other stupid shit…don’t blame the dog blame the owner,,,,

  12. Edward Fritz
    February 18, 2013

    I am a senior manager at a large Animal Cintrol Agencies for one of America’s largest cities. I can speak directly through personal experience that breed specific policies are ineffective, misleading and counter productive. A better policy should be placed on specific, verifiable behaviors on an individual basis. If insurance companies had any imagination, they would provide discount incentives for homeowners that provide their family dogs with training like Canine Good Citizen certification, or therapy certification, service dog, basic, intermediate and advanced obedience training, etc. encouraging responsibility would seem to me to be a better policy that punishing decent people for a mis-informed fear do what ‘might’ happen.

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