10 Signs You May Not be Ready for a Pit Bull….

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  1. You think dog aggression (aggression towards other dogs) is a result of mistreatment or special training designed to “make” a dog aggressive.
  2. You often repeat “only 1 in 600 Pit Bulls will make it out of the shelter ALIVE!” but are not able to produce any evidence to back that number.
  3. You assume that someone is an irresponsible owner simply because they have an intact dog.
  4. You believe the ONLY way to keep a dog is loose in the house, snoozing on the couch with a Chihuahua, Bichon, or 3 week old human baby nestled snugly under its neck and o-m-g-all-the-cute-vids-you-can-post-on-youtube-showing-how-vicious-your-little-dog-is-to-your-pibble.
  5. If a person of color wearing saggy pants walks by with a Pit Bull wearing a spiked collar, you whip out your phone and report them for dog fighting.
  6. The mere mention of weight pull sends you into a tizzy of rage over “abused” dogs.
  7. You firmly believe that raw feeding leads to mauling humans.
  8. It’s all in how you raise them” is used so often by you, it’s on your clipboard.
  9. You think dog shows are nothing more than a meeting place for people to arrange dog fights.
  10. Your knowledge of the APBT comes mainly from reality tv shows.

I might be a Pit Bull, or maybe I’m not! My mom doesn’t have my pedigree so we can’t know for sure what breed or breeds I am. That’s okay though, mom loves me anyway!

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